Do your daily walks with your furry friend often feel more like a tug-of-war than a leisurely stroll? Perhaps your dog is so excited that they turn every outdoor opportunity into a speed dating session? If your dog is walking you, then this is the training program you have been looking for! 

You’re not alone! We understand the frustrations that come with pulling on lead. Our own dog Hurley used to pull like a train to the point of having us in tears. Walking your dog should be the highlight of your day.

We help dog owners like you find calm among the chaos. Our experienced trainers utilise positive reinforcement methods to teach your dog the skills they need to succeed. Don’t let lead pulling hold you back from enjoying quality time outside your four-legged friend. We will equip you and your dog with the skills needed to conquer this behaviour, paving the way for confident and effortless walks in the great outdoors.

We will set up weekly training sessions in your own home or other designated meeting location to work on these issues with you and your dog One to One. We’ll asses the issues you are experiencing, get to the bottom of the ‘why’, show you the ‘how’ and put together a tailored action plan to help you address them once and for all.
  • Teach Your Dog to Walk Calmly by Your Side
  • Treat Bag and Clicker Provided
  • Tailored Homework & Exercises
  • Much Improved Focus & Attention
Our training programs offer you a patient and encouraging approach to learning, allowing you and your dog to progress at your own pace. With careful consideration and support every step of the way, you’ll soon enjoy stress-free walks and outdoor adventures with your furry companion.

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