Are you tired of your dog’s over-exuberant greetings, launching themselves at you, jumping all over you, scratching your legs and ruining your clothes? Are you embarrassed about visitors coming over and dread letting them in the door because the moment they arrive, your dog turns into a hot, excitable mess who won’t settle and you struggle to control?
Find Peace amidst the Pandemonium with our House Manners Program! Our expert trainers will craft a personalised plan to swiftly eliminate your dog’s habit of jumping on everyone, while also addressing other common household manners. Enjoy a well-behaved companion and a peaceful home environment starting today!
We’ll arrange these training sessions in your own home One-on-One with our Head Trainer. Together we will assess the issues you’re experiencing, delve into the root causes, demonstrate effective training techniques, and craft a personalised action plan to help you overcome these bad manners for good.
  • Vet Recommended
  • Reward Based Training
  • Professionally Certified
  • 10+ Years Experience
With our guidance, expect to feel relief from any pesky problem behaviours and begin to enjoy living with your dog again. We’re here to help you every step of the way.

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