The Five Star treatment.

How amazing would it be if your dog did exactly what you wanted them to do when you asked them to do it? If you are looking for a well-rounded family companion that you can take anywhere, anytime, hassle free then we are the dog trainer for you. You and your family no longer have to suffer with your dog's poor behaviour. We're here to help, with our tailored training programs, your dog will earn back your trust in no time. No matter what the Doggy Dilemma, we’ve seen it all! All our programs are designed to help you get your desired results and we'll be with you every step of the way.

Private Consult & Behaviour Relief

What better way to address your doggy dilemma quickly than for us to meet you and your dog in person. In this 1.5 hour private consultation, we will pinpoint the path to training success with your dog's undesirable behaviour. A tailored doggy action plan will be emailed to you after the consult with ongoing email support.

Investment : €150*

Puppy School & Group Classes

A safe, fun and educational space for you and your new best friend. Our small class size & structure are designed to give you the best head start in life with your new dog. Over the course of 5 weeks, learn from one of Ireland’s top dog trainers all the skills you will need to achieve a better-behaved dog. All family members are welcome to attend.

Investment : €150

Good Dog to Great Dog

In this immersive 30-day program, be amazed at how well your dog starts to behave for you in your home. One that actually lies down quietly in their bed leaving you in peace when you need it! A dog that waits at the front door instead of bolting outside, or a dog that can greet people with a polite sit instead of their mucky paws! Find yourself saying a lot less 'NO!', and a whole lot more 'Good Dog!'

All-Star Hound

Does your dog drag you along like a steam train on their walks? Are you afraid to let them off lead as you know they will disappear on you the first chance they'll get? Perhaps you are tired of the dog jumping on the kids, neighbours and grandparents, or even chasing the family cat at every opportunity! Whether you are a first-time dog owner or someone with experience, this 90-day program is our ultimate package for definitive results. The skills that you and your dog will discover in this training program will stand to you for life, and you can use them again and again to train any other dog in the future.

Good Dog - Online Training Course

Learn at your own pace in our comprehensive 6-week online training tutorial. Online training can be a very successful, cost-effective and a convenient way to get started with your dog's training. This online training tutorial is packed with simple to follow, step-by-step demonstrations and easy to digest 'doggy science', so that everyone in the family can be involved with training the dog, from little Timmy all the way up to Grandma. CLICK HERE for full details.

Investment : €75

Reactive Rover

This 6-week bespoke program is tailored for dogs that bark, snarl, lunge, or growl at other dogs while on lead and just perfect for the dog owner who truly wants to better understand and rectify this challenging behaviour once and for all.

Dog Aggression
* Prices quoted for travel in and around the Sligo Town area. A fuel surchage may apply to service other areas.