Cillian | Team Leader

A certified train the trainer and animal welfare advocate, Cillian’s skills include the patience of a saint and free belly rubs to all dogs.

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Hurley | Accounts

Hurley is all about the numbers. He spends his days counting down the minutes and hours until dinner time.

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Galavant | Marketing

Galavant reckons he is a regular Cassanova. Always ready for the camera, always ready to make a new friend.

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Hello There … My name is Cillian and I am the Head Trainer for Five Star Dog Training. I am the proud dog parent of two lovely rescue dogs, Hurley & Galavant. Today they are well-behaved dogs that I can take anywhere, anytime hassle free, but this was far from how it all started! In the beginning, owning a dog was a real struggle. There was so much contradictory information online. It was extremely confusing to know if I was training them the right way and everyone had an opinion! I desperately wanted to have a real, long-term change in my dog’s bad behaviour so that I could actually enjoy their company on a daily basis. I achieved that goal and now I want to do the same thing for you!

Don't just take our word for it

Great professional service and without doubt best money I have ever spent! Looking forward to going back - I Cannot recommend highly enough. The after support was and still is super & always more than helpful answering any question we have. Thanks a million!
My puppy Coco and I just had two hours training with Cillian. We learned so much & training was fun for Coco. It was great that Cillian could come to Coco's home environment & his doggy knowledge is excellent!!
After 3 one to one lessons, we have gone from having a very unruly Irish Terrier with no manners or recall to having a very mannerly dog who comes when he's called, sits when he's told, and no longer jumps on everyone. We could not have achieved this without Cillian's expertise and would highly recommend Five Star Dog Training.