Cillian| Team Leader

A certified train the trainer and animal welfare advocate, Cillian’s skills include extended coffee breaks and free belly rubs to all dogs.

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Hurley| Accounts

Hurley spends his days dreaming of chasing tennis balls and counting down the minutes and hours until dinner time.

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Galavant| Marketing

Galavant reckons he is a regular Casanova. He’ll take any opportunity to charm you with his gaze and puppy dog eyes. You’ve been warned!

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Tell Me More

Hello There … My name is Cillian and I am the Head Trainer at Five Star Dog Training. I am the proud dog parent of two lovely rescue dogs, Hurley & Galavant. Today they are well behaved dogs that I can take anywhere, anytime hassle free, but this was far from how it all started! In the beginning, owning a dog was a real struggle. There was so much contradicting information online. It was extremely confusing to know if I was training them the right way. Everyone had an opinion! I desperately wanted to have a real, long-term change in my dog’s bad behaviour so that I could actually enjoy their company on a daily basis. I achieved that goal and now I want to do the same thing for you!

Our Specialties

Scent Work
Therapy Dog Training
General Obedience
Puppy Training