Need more personalised training but can’t make a class?

Online video consultations are available for training and behavioural problems such as toilet training, recall, loose lead walking, fighting with other dogs in the house or outdoors and more. Get the support you need to maintain peace in your home and bring out the best in your dog.  Our Zoom consultations are just perfect for trouble shooting one or two sticky problems or answer any burning questions you have with your dog.

Learn techniques and get a customised action plan that will help you cut through frustrations and any confusion and feel confident in how you’re raising your dog. A perfect option for those who live outside of Sligo, Leitrim or Roscommon or simply prefer virtual training lessons.
How it works? Call or email us to discuss your dog’s and family’s situations and needs. Complete a simple registration form. Receive your link to schedule your session with us online.
  • Confidential
  • Clear and Concise
  • Evidence Based Training
  • Tailored Action Plan

If you are currently feeling overwhelmed, confused, frustrated, or simply stuck with the way you have been training your Dog, we’ll show you exactly how you can turn this around and provide you with some serious clarity and most importantly – Results!

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