Want to see your overly exuberant dog learn how to relax more in the house or help your adult rescue get the foundational training they may have never received but truly deserve? Maybe your older dog’s skills just need some polishing up or you’re looking for some much needed relief from more serious behaviour problems like separation anxiety or reactivity?

Let’s work together to tame your teenager, teach your rescue not to lunge at other dogs or give Senior Fido the mental stimulation needed to maintain vitality and alertness.

We help dog owners like you find calm among the chaos. Here are some common problems you may be running into and ones where we can help. You recognise that there is a behaviour issue, but you don’t know how to fix it. There is a ton of information online and you aren’t sure what is evidence based and will achieve the lasting results you need. You don’t feel safe or lack the confidence walking your dog, letting them off lead in open spaces, inviting guests over to the house, or know what to do when the ‘lose their mind’. You just want to know how to help your dog feel better and be less anxious about the things that scare them.
We will set up weekly training sessions in your own home or other designated meeting location to work on these issues with you and your dog One to One. We’ll asses the behavioural issues you are experiencing, get to the bottom of the ‘why’, show you the ‘how’ and put together a tailored action plan to help you address them once and for all.
  • Walking on Lead
  • Come when Called
  • Fearfulness & Reactivity
  • Puppy to Senior Obedience & Manners
Our training programs offer you a patient and encouraging approach to training which allows you and your dog to learn at your own pace with careful consideration and support to help you every step of the way.

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