dog training puppy training chocolate bad With Easter approaching, we want to highlight the tragic consequences of feeding your dog chocolate intended for human consumption. Chocolate is highly toxic to dogs, and could be a recipe for disaster if they get their paws on it. In many homes across the country, all sorts of chocolate delights will be unwrapped this weekend and we want to make sure it’s just the humans doing the unwrapping and eating of Easter egg

Chocolate! A poison to Dogs!

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With Easter just around the corner, we want to highlight the dire consequences of feeding your dog chocolate intended for human consumption. Chocolate is highly toxic to dogs, and they will get extremely ill if they get their paws on it. So be vigilant and tell the kids not to share their eggs with their dogs! Dogs Trust Veterinary Surgeon, Desré Daly, has this to say about dogs and chocolate:

“While chocolate is a sweet treat that humans can enjoy, it is something dogs should never have. Just like some of us are “addicted” to chocolate, dogs can be, too. But the flavour they’re responding to is actually theobromine, a substance found in chocolate which is toxic to dogs. Depending on their body weight, a small bite of chocolate can make a dog very sick, and in a large enough quantity, death is a strong possibility.

When a dog eats chocolate, theobromine metabolizes slowly, staying in his or her system for up to 20 hours. Meanwhile, theobromine will interfere with the normal functioning of the central nervous system, heart and kidneys. Without appropriate and immediate treatment, this could lead to death. Remember, once your dog has a taste for it, you’ll have a much harder time keeping him or her away.”

So how can you tell if your Dog has consumed some chocolate? Here are some of the symptoms you might observe. Call your local vet immediately!

What are the symptoms?

Excessive thirst
Rapid heart rate
Tremors and potentially seizures

There is no antidote for theobromine poisoning with treatment being symptomatic. Therefore the sooner treatment is implemented, the greater the chance of recovery. If you want to treat your dog this Easter, and keep them busy when your having the Sunday Roast, then we highly recommend stuffing their KONG or K9 Connectable with a high-quality wet food, freeze it, smear some sweetener free peanut butter on the top and then give it to your dog on their beds. They will happily munch on that for the next 30 minutes!

Prevention is always better than cure, so the best way to avoid chocolate poisoning is to supervise your Dog. Tell the kids not to give chocolate to their dog as it will make them very sick and if you suspect your dog has consumed chocolate, act fast, and call your local vet.